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Richard Orsinger

Experts Valuing a Manufacturing Business

In December, 2004, Richard Orsinger tried a six-week jury trial involving the value of a manufacturing operation located in North Texas. The parties were almost $20 million apart on the value of the company. The valuation issue was complicated by the fact that the sales and administrative staff and licenses were contained in a corporation, while the manufacturing staff and equipment were contained in a limited partnership owned primarily by third parties, and the land where the company was located was owned by third-party individuals. There was no written lease for the land. Mr. Orsinger presented two expert-valuation witnesses and cross-examined a third. Although the case was complicated, the small-town jury understood the issues well, and returned a verdict favorable to Mr. Orsinger's client.

Trying a complex valuation case to a judge or a jury requires a lawyer who understands business valuation methodology, and can lead a friendly expert through a clear explanation of his/her opinions, and can test the weaknesses in the opposing expert's position.

Board Certified in Family Law and Civil Appellate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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